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Strategic Plan Goal 5

Translate and Scale Spelman’s Expertise

Strategic Plan Goal Five

Elevate our experts, scholars, and intellectual capital to influence transformational change on critical issues beyond the College, especially the role and impact of Black women (e.g., in health, public policy, technology).

Strategic Plan Goal 6

Create Greater Economic Growth and Opportunity In Surrounding Neighborhoods

Strategic Plan Goal Six
  • Collaborate with AUC and other partners to strengthen community engagement.

  • Identify opportunities to enhance Spelman’s role in community, city, and state efforts to produce social outcomes related to economic stability and growth (e.g., health, education, etc.).

Strategic Plan Goal 7

Elevate Global Impact

Strategic Plan Goal Seven
  • Explore stakeholder interest and the feasibility-–costs (institutional, reputational, financial, etc.), benefits, impact-- of expanding Spelman educational assets in Africa and the Diaspora.

  • Explore expanded online learning to establish physical and technology infrastructure that provides global access to Spelman’s leadership and academic excellence.