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Guild Education Learners

Welcome Guild Learner! We are thrilled you are interested in upskilling with eSpelman. Here you'll find instructions to help guide you through the application process and purchasing books.


Accepting applications for Term 2

Application opens: January 29, 2024
Application closes: April 5, 2024
Term begins: April 22, 2024
Term ends: June 21, 2024

eSpelman + Guild Application Process

STEP 1 - Apply Through Guild Education
Submit an application with Guild Education to receive your education benefit approval.
STEP 2 - Apply to eSpelman Program
Once you have your approval, submit your application to the eSpelman program of your choice. Complete all required forms and attestations within the application. Please be sure to submit your application and receive a confirmation email.
STEP 3 - Receive Your Decision Letter
If you receive an acceptance letter, congratulations! You will receive a separate email with your student ID number and oneSpelman username. You will need these credentials to confirm your enrollment.
STEP 4 - Confirm Enrollment
Please follow the link within the email to confirm your enrollment. You must confirm your enrollment to be registered for the certification program.
STEP 5 - Order Books
Order your books! See information about purchasing books in the section below.


Purchasing Books

Purchase Books View the Guild Curriculum